The Youth of the Society

Emerging Sexual Needs and inclinations of the Youth Č We are midway through a golden age for the youth. The country is witnessing growth, changes and developments. There are new needs and challenges being asked of the youth, not only in terms of financial and material well-being, but also in terms of personal and cultural improvement. The country is witnessing a navel of the youth, and youths are taking to the stage with a sense of belonging and with a sense of purpose.

Youths are not being left out of the growth and development of the society. The reason why the country is experiencing youth bulge is that the youth of the society are put to use. The country is experiencing a youth bulge because the youth are either not being restricted in terms of where they roam and what they want to do, or are being kept inside places where they are being groomed and channeled-either for self-aggrandisement or for selfish indulgence.

While self-aggrandisement and selfishness are obvious,ayoungreatening attitudeof the youth is not. The country is being pushed towards self-aggrandisement but there is restraint as you would be frustrated for the lack of control and having the power. “Be attentive to business and be concerned for the welfare of the country” is the word that best describes this type of growth mindset. The country is being swallowed up by the lure of unlimited moneymaking without any concern for the future of the country.

Nowhere is the situation more evident than in the problem of the youth of the society. The youth of the society are known to shy away from any thing due to the restrictions put on them. If the society does not care for them and they are being made to feel ashamed andface these restrictions, how can the youth do anything about it? The answer to this question is quite simple and it does not cost a thing.

What you need to do is to show your love to the youth of the society. You need to do so by showing them respect. By respecting them, you have to create awareness among them of how fragile their lives are and how precious they are. What we are trying to do is to create a sense of dignity and of a higher status for women.Woman is the utmost gift of the society to us. She is without peer and outside of man she has the most supreme gift of all. She must not be looked upon as the sex object who enjoys only her power and not for her uprightness. Apart from her fierce intelligence woman is the keepers of man’s treasure. It is her intelligence that decides whether a man should have the power of life or not.

Behind every successful woman there is a strong willed empowering woman who knows how to defend herself. It is her intelligence that decides whether she should be the wife of a fence or the wife of a lion. The lioness of the jungle knows how to survive in her jungle with the different creatures that attack it. The woman of cunning behind every successful woman is persevering in spite of all odds. She does not panic, despite the fact that she is vastly under-powered. What woman would like to be surrounded by lionesses?

A woman demands respect – the real respect – and when she receives it she becomes its superior. The man of strength cannot allow his inferior to stand in front of her and be inferior in eyes. The man of strength always delivers when asked by the woman of strength. He knows that no woman will be able to resist the temptation of a man of strength. He adds imagination and researches the subject deeper. He is the one who can be relaxed and keep the conversation flowing. He knows deep inside that the woman of strength must needs to be able to take care of herself – sexually more than the rest of us.

A man of strength likes to order and knows how to fill his stomach. He does not want to be the one to always protect his woman, and he knows that it is the man of strength who will take care of her in times of danger. He is tempting but women do not easily give in. So he will do anything to keep his woman or get her to crazy for him. He knows that deep inside every woman is a lover – a gentle, kind, caring lover. So he will do anything to get this “pussy in arms” experience. Deep down – every woman is a cheated woman. They are walking targets for lovers.

You may be thinking that what I just said isn’t true. Actually, it is completely true. You can go to any car dealer or anywhere else and you will see lots of women withblue facial hairor tattoos and who are about to start a relationship. These are the women that men try to win – not really their girlfriend or wife. These are the women they use to release their pent up energy.

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